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Get started living your best life

without the laundry.

Commercial and Personal Wash Dry Fold, Pickup and Delivery, Dry Cleaning, Business Laundry, and Towel Rental Services.


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Get started today by calling, emailing, or setting up online your business account. We offer per order, weekly, or monthly billing. Professional and high quality service is what you need for your business.

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What Our Customers Say

" I tried Spin Cycle (wash dry fold) last week. I was with my previous Laundromat for over 15 years and I'm happy to say I will be continuing to use Spin Cycle...the customer service was outstanding."
- Howie B.

" Very kind with my elderly parents. Helped them with their laundry and never took advantage of them. Excellent service."
- Nancy Q.

" ...the pick up/ drop off laundry service is like a dream come true. The customer service is also amazing, even after just using them for a couple of times, they've gone out of their way to accommodate me."
- Krista S.

" Best service! Friendly staff."
- Amy D.

" The best laundromat EVER! AMAZING customer service...I also LOVE the pick up & delivery service when I'm too busy to do my own laundry!"
- Sandy M.

" This is the best laundry place ever! Today's Saturday crew really saved us at the animal hospital."
- Amanda D.

" Service is phenomenal. With 3 kids at home and a working mom the pickup/drop service is essential...makes my life so much easier! "
- Amy F.