Airbnb Owners


What's better than knowing that the laundry is all done and you didn't have to do it? Nothing at all, really.
$1.85/lb for laundry pickup and delivery service.* Discounts available for larger orders.

*A 12 pound min will be applied to all orders.


Why choose Spin Cycle for your Airbnb rentals?


You're in control

Whether you need a one time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on-demand service, we have you covered. No need to call and set anything up. Just login online and setup what you need right from your phone or PC.


Only the best

Fresh, crisp linens. Fluffy, absorbent towels. Lush and comfy bedding. All these can spell the difference between a good experience and a great experience for your guests. Our reliable service will serve you the very best linen product, so you get the very best rating!


Reliable Service

As a direct provider there is absolutely no middleman when working with us. Our experienced in-house laundry team completes the wash and fold work in our own facilities with our own machines. We have 2 facilities to maintain redundancies to insure you will never experience an interruption in service.