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Commercial Laundry


Fresh, crisp linens. Fluffy, absorbent towels. Lush and comfy bedding. All these can spell the difference between a good experience and a great experience for your clients. Our reliable service is provided by our dedicated full time laundry team serving you the very best product so you can focus on your business, and not the laundry.

Reliable Service

As a direct provider there is absolutely no middleman when working with us. Our experienced in-house laundry team completes the wash and fold work in our own facilities with our own machines. We have 2 facilities to maintain redundancies in production and, as a result, can quickly move to another site to insure you will never experience an interruption in service.

Trusted Partners

At Spin Cycle Laundromats you can expect a high quality commercial laundry service. We are a flexible and fair business partner that always has you in mind. As a result we will allow you to take great care of your customers, clients, patients, residents, staff, and more. We are locally owned and family-operated. Since the first day we opened we've had a passion for accuracy and an eye on the details.

Delivering Value

Working on site or off, we can help determine how to meet your specific needs and work to be within your budget. For example, doing business with us is easy as a result of our flexible per order, monthly, or weekly billing options. We accept your business credit cards and checks. Our easy to read emailed invoice will make reconciliation time a snap, therefore saving you time and money.

Fully Insured

For our facilities, transporting, & processing of customer goods.

No 1099's

We are an S-Corp, so no need to send us these year-end forms.

No Subcontract

We do all the work in-house, in our own facilties.

Dry Cleaning

For those items that need extra special care.

Want to meet / chat with us remotely?

Get more info today on scheduling a Google Meet chat session to discuss your laundry needs.
Email us to schedule a meeting at remote@wecleanlaundry.com

Additional Schedule and Pricing Details

Standard pricing is $1.85/lb. No pickup, delivery, fuel, or other surcharges. No extra charge for multiple pickups/delivery days per week. Discounts available for accounts with over 100lbs per week. Additional discounts available for larger volume accounts with optional contract terms. Custom scheduling is also available to meet your specific business needs. Call or email us to discuss your specific needs.