With standards changing everyday from D.P.H. and A.D.A., you need a laundry partner that will keep you in compliance while also keeping you looking professional.


We work on you specific practice needs with custom scheduling, hanging or neatly folding items as you prefer, and using medical grade Kreussler Trebon PLUS detergent on all PPE clothing such as lab coats, scrubs, and gowns. We can cover your multi-office practice in our service areas, each with their own custom needs or schedule requirements.


When working with us you can have your set weekly schedule with one or multiple days. We can setup your order to be automatic or text for confirmation. You can also simply schedule as needed with our online scheduling tool. No matter how you work, we will be here to get your PPE ready for your patients.


As a direct provider there is absolutely no middleman and NO CONTRACTS required. Our experienced, in-house laundry team completes the work in one of our two facilities. This will maintain redundancy so you never experience a service interruption. Daily, weekly, or monthly billing options available. We accept business checks or credit cards.

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