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You take care of your guests.

We'll take care of the linens.

We provide you the very best commercial wash and fold product so you can focus on your clients, and not the laundry.

Our simple, no contract service allows you to focus on your guests, and not on their linens. Serving small to mid-sized Bed & Breakfast, Inn's, Hotels, Motels, Hostels, AirBnB, VRBO, and Motor Lodge Inn's.

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Meet par with your linens.

Don't worry, we'll help get you there.

Trusted Partners

At Spin Cycle Laundry+Co you can expect a reliable and quality hospitality laundry service. We are flexible and fair business partners that always has you in mind. We are locally owned and family-operated and since the first day we opened we've had a passion to offer the best customer service.


Reliable Service

As a direct provider there is absolutely no middleman when working with us. Our experienced, in-house laundry team completes the wash and fold work in our own facilities with our own machines. Our 5000 square foot facility in Woburn, MA. We can handle whatever you can throw at us!


Small to Medium sized Properties

We specialize in customer owned goods. We have no pickup/delivery, fuel, or other surcharges. No extra charge for multiple pickup/delivery days per week. Discounts available for accounts over 100lbs/week. Additional discounts available for larger volume accounts with optional contract terms.

What makes us a little different than the big linen companies?

Spin Cycle Laundry is definitely different from most linen companies. We don't lease goods, but rather take amazing care of your customer owned goods. We will separate by size/type and hold out stained items for your review (if we can't get the stain out). We don't use giant tunnel washers or industrial extractors. We launder in regular commercial size washers to get a better result. We fold and pack by hand to treat your items with care. While we don't iron, we fold with care which takes care of 90% of wrinkles. Still unsure? No problem, send us a few sheets and towels and we will complete at no charge to show you how we work*.


*Small complimentary sample order is a max of 10lbs. We generally recommend 3-4 par with our service.

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