Pickup and Delivery


What's better than knowing that the laundry is all done and you didn't have to do it? Nothing at all, really.
$1.85/lb for personal laundry home delivery service.*

*A 12 pound min will be applied to all orders.

Pickup and Delivery
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Why choose Spin Cycle for pickup and delivery?


Setup Your Order

Our goal is to provide many easy ways to get your laundry and dry cleaning done. You can call, text/sms, create an online account yourself, or use your ©Amazon Alexa smart speaker to initiate service.


Prepare Your Items

Just bag your laundry in a trash bag or any laundry bag for your order. You can leave your laundry outside your door, wait for us to come grab it, or bring it to work and we can grab it from your car.


Delivered to you

Whether you just need a one time comforter wash or maybe just need to get caught up after a long trip or big event. You can schedule pickups for one time, once in a while, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It's all up to you.

Additional Schedule and Pricing Details


Standard pickup and delivery pricing is $1.85/lb. No pickup, delivery, fuel, or other surcharges. No extra charge for multiple pickups/delivery days per week. Friday pickups MAY be delivered on Monday in some circumstances.