When your most delicate dry clean only garments need the very best care so you can look your very best.

○ 2 pc suit $14.95
○ 3pc suit $20.95
○ Blazer/Sport Coat $7.95
○ Masculine Cut Shirts (Launder, Press, Hang) $3.49 (formerly "men's")
○ Coat $13.49 / Raincoat $19.95
○ Dress $12.95 / Delicate Dress $ 19.95
○ Fleece $9.95

○ Traditional Saree $19.95
○ Feminine Cut Shirts $7.25 (formerly "blouse")
○ Pants / Slacks $8.95
○ Neck Tie $5.95
○ Long Skirt $7.99 / Short Skirt $7.49 /
Pleated Skirt $8.95
○ Tuxedo $19.95
○ Wedding Dresses $185.00+

○ Custom items and treatments can be done upon request.
○ Delicate items will be cleaned based on garment instructions.
○ Some couch cushion covers can be washed but may or may not be able to be dried.

Spin Cycle Laundromats strives to be inclusive of all members of our society and is using different pronouns when referring to articles of clothing.

Have a special item? Call or email us to discuss or get a quote. hello@wecleanlaundry.com ›


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