When you want to maintain the independence and freedom for yourself or your loved one. We offer wash and fold laundry service for seniors with care, compassion, and understanding.

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Careful Coordination

Our goal is to make the process of laundry service and care seamless for our elder clients, their families, or care providers. We accomplish this by careful coordination of pickup and delivery, automation in processing, adherence to wash and fold preferences, and ease of account setup and payments.

At Home or In-Patient

Whether you or your loved one is living at home or in a care facility, we are able to coordinate laundry services. Our pickup and delivery coordinator can customize the process to work with you or your professional nursing/assisted living/rehab facility in order to meet you or your loved one's unique situation and needs.

Trusted Providers

You want the best and safest option for yourself or your loved one which is why our drivers are C.O.R.I. (Criminal Offender Record Information) checked prior to employment, we are fully insured when transporting and processing laundry, and we are a MassHealth Approved provider.

Authorized Provider


Authorized Provider only within our current service area.