A little unsure about sending out your laundry?

We understand. Let us explain.

We know sending out your laundry can be a little scary and unnerving for folks. We completely understand and want you to be comfortable with us and our process. Our goal is to get it right to earn your trust, and make you a customer for life.


Q. What is cleancloudapp and why does it take me there to setup my account?

A. Clean Cloud App is our PCI compliant, secure industry specific Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) that we use to keep track of your orders and take/store your payment card information, personal details, and laundry preferences.

Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. For wash and fold there is a minimum charge of 12lbs for both in-store and home delivery laundry service. There is no min for dry cleaning items.

Q. What do I do to get ready for my pickup?

A. Once you have submitted your order online you can simply bag your laundry in a trash bag or other laundry bag. Use as many as you need! Then you can put your laundry outside your door or just inside your front door (if you would like to keep it inside for security) until our drivers arrive. Please avoid using laundry baskets or hampers as items can get lost in transport.

Q. Why choose Spin Cycle for laundry service?

A. We are a locally owned and operated business. We have two of our own facilities that allow us to move laundry volume to insure your laundry is done on time and without any interruptions.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Payment is usually by credit card. You can put your credit card on file with our secure online system or pay 1x when you drop off at our store. Online orders for pickup and delivery do require a card on file. Business customers have the option of monthly invoicing my US Mail or email. Businesses can pay by credit card on file or with a business check (account must be setup in advance for monthly billing).

Q. Do I have to setup a weekly service?

A. Not at all! You can signup online or by phone for however you need service. You can do on-demand/as needed, a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or other configuration. We can offer customized scheduling for business and personal laundry services. We want to get you service when and where you need us.

Q. What services do you provide?

A. We offer personal and commercial wash and fold (or hang) laundry service, home pickup and delivery service for wash and fold, dry cleaning, and business laundry needs. We offer easy online scheduling for all customers as well as a friendly service team ready to answer your questions.

Q. What if I need to cancel or change my order?

A. We make it as easy as possible to communicate with us. Go to our Support page and choose the way you want to get in touch with us to make changes or corrections to your orders.

Q. How will I know when my laundry is ready?

A. We will text or email you when your laundry is either ready for store pickup, or when it will be on its way back to you. We also notify you when your online order has been accepted into our system. Ever in doubt? No worries, just give a call at 781-245-9794 or 978-683-6058 to confirm. Prefer email? You can get us at orders@wecleanlaundry.com for all your questions.

Q. Do you mix my laundry with other people’s?

A. Absolutely not. Your laundry is only separated by colors or delicate’s then washed, dried, and folded only with your own items in individual machines. There is no co-mingling of orders or laundry at any time.

Q. Can I send my own preferred detergent?

A. Absolutely! We can use whatever you prefer us to use. Please just send enough for your current load(s) as we will not be able to return the container due to potential spilling on your clean laundry.

Q. What type of detergent do you use?

A. We use Arm & Hammer detergent for personal laundry, fabric softener is available by request. We also offer Hypoallergenic soap for people with allergies or sensitive skin. For commercial or medical laundry we use Treban Plus, a medical grade detergent.

Q. How long does it take to get my laundry done?

A. Turnaround time for laundry is 48 hours excluding weekends. Dry Cleaning is about 36-72 hours also excluding weekends. This is for both in-store drop and pickup/delivery service.

Q. Where is your service area?

A. Click here to see the Cities / Town we offer pickup and delivery service to.

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