Commercial Linens | Hospitality

Commercial Linens | Hospitality

Laundry is labor intensive – and with labor costs and utility prices steadily increasing, more hotel GMs are outsourcing rooms linen laundering to efficient partners like WCL.

Loading Dock Service

Our drivers are ready to provide the best service to get your laundry in and out as quickly as possible. We have trucks with lift gates and dock height to accommodate any scenario for pickup and delivery.

Customer Owned Goods

We recommend COG (Customer Owned Goods) laundry service for hotels, and we offer aggressive pricing. We know COG and have done it for years for our customers, unlike most of our local competitors.

Track Orders Online

With our convenient App available on Google Play or the Apple App store you can track your orders, make payments, reschedule deliveries or pickups, and match shipments to your monthly invoice.

Separate Batch Washing

Most large commercial laundry providers use “tunnel washers,” which wash laundry quickly but often require several hotels’ laundry to be inside the same machine at the same time. We sized our equipment to efficiently handle one hotel at a time, minimizing the chances for mix-ups or lost items.

Customize Your Service

We wash in small batches to get the best results.

No tunnel washers here. Just large capacity washers and dryers to keep your items organized and have no losses.