Wash Dry Fold


A service to rival even the best washing machines on the market without moving from washer to dryer or the dreaded folding (yes, even the fitted sheets).
$1.85/lb for pickup & delivery OR $1.45/lb with our store drop-off service.*

*A 12 pound min will be applied to all orders.
Orders over 50lbs may take 1 additional day to process.


Why choose Spin Cycle for your laundry?


Home Delivery / Store Drop-Off

Fresh, friendly, and fast is how we do your laundry. Call, text, email, or login to our Online Scheduling Tool to setup your pickup and delivery or Visit Our Store to drop-off your laundry order. No matter how it gets to us - we promise your 100% satisfaction. $1.85/lb Pickup & Delivery / $1.45/lb Store Drop-Off. All Prices ≫


Only the best products

In order to get the best results for our customers we only use brand name detergents and offer hypoallergenic and fabric softeners by request (at no additional charge). Our dedicated laundry team takes the time to carefully package your laundry to make sure it stays folded and neat until it gets back in your hands.


Service on your terms

If you need service one time, daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, or in some other way - no worries! You control how you use the service. We can offer multiple days per week if you need it! Our use of technology keeps us on time. The best part is there's no pressure and no contracts. Just peace-of-mind your laundry is done right.


Wash Dry and Fold FAQs

Is wash dry and fold service expensive?

That depends. How much is your time worth? If you have a few extra dollars per month this is the best way to buy your time back. No fibs, it does cost a little more than self-service but without the hassle of sitting around, waiting, folding, etc.

What type of soaps do you use for wash dry fold service?

We use Tide or Arm and Hammer powdered detergent. We also have Hypoallergenic available by request (no additional charge).

Can you use my own detergent that I bring in/send?

Sure! Bring in or provide the driver with your own preferred soap and we are happy to wash with that for you.

How do you get the handles on the bags?

AHH, yes. That one we are keeping under our hat. But stop by and one of our team members can show you how we do it live.

Do you offer pickup and delivery service?

You bet we do! It is available Mon-Fri from 7am-4pm. You can schedule online or call us to setup a pickup. We can come to your home, business, or office. You can call when you need service or setup weekly, biweekly, or monthly service. You are in control!

Can you wash my large comforters?

Absolutely! We can wash dry and fold and we make sure to add 3-5 golf balls into the dryer to really fluff them up.

Why are comforter not weighed and more expensive?

A very fair question. They require larger machines to wash, and take a ton of time to dry so they cost a lot more than a regular load of laundry. Plus we have to rotate them in the dryer and add golf balls so there is more labor to get that fluffy awesomeness ready for you to snuggle up in.

How do you keep the clothes from wrinkling?

We take your clothes out of the dryer as soon as it stops (what we call a pre-fold). Then hang everything neatly or fold it right away. No wrinkles, no ironing needed.

Do you wash or mix my laundry with other peoples laundry orders?

Ewww. No, never! Your laundry is separated by colors as needed but your items are always only washed with your own items or by itself. We don’t mix laundry or orders together.

How will I know if my laundry is ready?

We can email, text, or call you when your laundry is done. Just let us know how you prefer to be notified when setting up your account. 

Where do my socks go when they disappear?

Our best guess is that they go into a parallel dimension.

Can you wash in hypoallergenic detergent?

We absolutely can and it is NO extra charge.