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Store Drop-Off
Laundry Service


A convenient way to get the laundry done without wasting a day off. Only $1.45/lb*.

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Quick and easy drop-off laundry service. You can drop your laundry or dry cleaning at our store, pay for your order, and you get a text message and/or email when it's time to pickup your laundry or dry cleaning order. Don't have time to pickup, request a delivery back for only $4.95
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Touch-less Drop

To maintain social distancing we made store drop service even easier and faster. Now you can setup your account online before you come in. You can even use your Google or Facebook account to save time. Just add your payment info and drop your laundry. No waiting and no touching a credit card machine. Setup Now >

Earn Rewards

Earn 5% store credit back on every order you drop-off. No restrictions or cap on points. You are automatically enrolled. Ask a Laundry Clean Team member to give you your points value today and request to convert to credit to use on your next order!

* Min of 12 lbs applied to all orders. Orders over 50 lbs may take up to 1 additional day to process.