Mission Statement

Fair prices, clean laundry, happy clients.

It’s more than a slogan, it’s our way of doing business.

Fair Prices Our goal is to provide the best service, best value, and highest quality. Our flexible programs to get you exactly what you need for service, when you need it. We empower our team to make issues right, on the spot. No compromising, no settling.

Clean Laundry. We use the big machines, the best commercial soap, and the best team. We don’t rely on giant tunnel washers, but rather we do smaller batch washing to insure the best quality and accuracy for our customers. We will never be one of the giant linen companies, and we are happy about that.

Happy Clients Direct contact, quick response, and humans answering the phone. It’s all about people. Taking the very best care of our team through work life balance and a positive work environment allows us to take the very best care of our clients every day.
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