Elder Service Laundry
Wash and Fold

Introducing a caring laundry service for you or your loved ones. Our senior focused laundry service understands the unique challenges facing seniors and your family members and care givers. We are compassionate and understanding of our elder clients.

Customized Service

Taking care of our seniors is something that requires care and compassion as well as flexibility. We can customize service to meet you and your loved one's individual needs. We can coordinate pickup and delivery with family members to ease your care load.

Extra Soil is Ok

We understand the unique challenges and needs that come with taking care of aging loved ones. We are equipped to take care of items such as bed soil pads and other items related to incontinence care needs.

Available at home or in-facility

Our pickup and delivery service is available for at home pickup or we can coordinate with your assisted living or nursing care facility so your loved ones can maintain their independence and dignity.

What makes Spin Cycle Laundromats wash and fold better for your family?
State Approved Contractor
We are an awarded vendor and provide contract laundry wash and fold services through Massachusetts A.S.A.P.'s (Aging Service Access Points).
MassHealth Approved Provider
We are an approved provider through the Comm of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Provider ID 110157861/A
Offering Pickup & Delivery
We cover all of Boston's North Shore for at home or in-patient / facility personal laundry services. Click here to see the list of communities we serve.