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Why do I get directed to when setting up my account?

A great question. Let us explain...


Our Point of Sale (POS) provider is a company called Clean Cloud©. They are a laundry industry specific provider. When logging into this encrypted system you are able to safely put in your credit card information. No info is stored on our servers and we do not have access to your payment card info. Our payment provider is Stripe©, an internationally recognized credit card processing company.

We don't just use this system for payments. When you setup an order and add your payment info this system allows to track your order, notify drivers of your instructions with a Driver Mobile App, to tell our laundry team about your specific preferences, and helps keep your order on track to be finished on time.

Our Clean Cloud system also allow you to log into an account and update your payment info, setup a new pickup, reoccurring pickups, address info, and laundry preferences. This is another way to be able to communicate with us besides have to call us.

Please feel safe in knowing that we take care not only of your laundry, but also your payment data and personal information security seriously. We do this through internal controls and policies, PCI data compliance, and industry best practices. We only work with reputable, well known vendors to provide you the very best service each and every day. Thank you for your business!


How can we help?

We want you to have a seamless experience with us. You can get started here by selecting either Schedule a Pickup to get started or get Support for questions on a new or existing order. Check delivery service areas ›

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